Design Inspiration: Stacked Firewood

Now I know what you're thinking:  "Why on Earth is he mentioning the word 'firewood' when it's approximately 1000' on a cool day in the city???" I'm not crazy, but I've recently fallen in love with the way stacked firewood looks, that's all.  It all started with a House Tour that I posted a few weeks ago, in particular, this photo: Stacked firewood logs, some dipped in paint, for purely decorative effect. Thus began my lightweight obsession with stacked, piled and jumbled firewood for a sometimes decorative, though usually practical effect.  The result is a rustic, rugged look, that's also chic and stylish at the same time. Fashion designer, Erin Fetherson, stacks firewood just outside the entrance to her fabulous apartment... Love the Eames Walnut Stools... looks like A & C, I think.  Hopefully, we'll get some Platner chairs in soon! Love everything about this dining room; the stacked wood, obviously, the Marimekko tablecloth, and the chairs... And finally, in an impossibly gorgeous + rustic, century-old barn in Amsterdam... Surely, it might be a little weird to talk about stockpiling firewood in August.  And it's probably even a tad strange that one would stockpile wood when one does not have a fireplace...but, still.  It's all gorgeous decoration anyway!