Design Notebook: A Roundup of Quirky Mid-Century Modern

It occurred to me recently that, what with all of my references to quirky and/or eccentric mid-century modern spaces that some of you might be more intersted in what I think is quirky.  Now, mid-century modern decor can often run the gamut of retro and ultra-cool (think Mad Men), but I prefer a more interesting look. It's often a mix of MCM pieces with some contempo/neo-trad thrown in for good measure, it includes tastefully mixed prints and patterns and the home owner usually just has an eye for collecting vintage pieces with a bias towards MCM. So, here's a round-up of Quirky Mid-Century Modern homes. Let's start with this living room.  With its Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, it has loads of color, yellow Foo Dogs, a glass coffee table and a zebra print rug.  You can never go through with zebra or cowhide. via estate eclectic I clearly never tire of Eames.  Here's a yellow Eames RAR Rocker in a colorful living room, with mostly yellow accents.  It's an adorable mix of mid-century modern and vintage pieces that make this space great. modernica, via desire to inspire This space leans a bit towards retro, what with that orange refrigerator, but I love the color and playfulness of a copper Poul Henningsen Artichoke Lamp and William Platner Table and Chairs (orange!). via porterhouse designs This is quirkiness subdued.  Yellow Panton S Chair + white secretary desk + cute floral accents?  Very understated. via hosue of anais Finally, there's Kyle DeWoody's apartment that was recently featured in Vogue. That was the inspiration for this post.  It's certainly not everyone's taste, but her eclectic NYC home has pieces I'm sure everyone would love. via vogue So what do you folks think about quirky mid-century modern decor?  Yay or nay?