Modern Classics Pairing: Saarinen Tulip Table + Panton S Chairs

Cagney + Lacey.  Jerry + Elaine.  Coffee + Doughnuts.  Saarinen Tulip Tables + Panton S Chairs. What do all they have in common?  Well, they're all classic pairings of course.  The Tulip Table, Saarinen's problem-solving answer to rid the world from the slum of legs, And Verner Panton's S Chair, with it's curvaceous bottom and lack of legs; they're a match made in design heaven. White-on-White is, of course, the most classic of pairings. In this gorgeous home in Caracas, Venezuela, the curvy lines of Panton S Chairs and an oval, marble-topped Tullip Table contrast nicely with the geometric lines of this kitchen.  Featured in Elle Decor. From Vincente Wolf's portfolio, Panton S Chairs and an oval Tulip table are paired against a banquette, for additional seating. A pink staircase, and goldenrod +  cherry-red window panels add a fun pop of color in the crisp, bright whiteness of this room.  Shown here with a white Marshmallow Sofa by George Nelson. And in this 200-year-old (you read that correctly) riad in Morrocco, with its classic North African architecture, the classic pairing of white-on-white Panton S Chairs and Tulip Table fit right in. So, what do you think about this classic pairing?  Yay or nay?