Modern Classics: The Eames La Chaise

Another Monday, another Modern Classics addition.  Today it's the Eames La Chaise, an exquisite chair designed by the dynamic design duo of Ray + Charles Eames in 1948 for MoMA's International Competition for Low Cost Furniture Design. It was inspired by Gaston Lachaise's Floating Figure, a zaftig bronze sculpture that he designed in 1927: It's a midcentury modern with echoes of 18th and 19th century chaise lounges and as its name suggests, it's perfect for lounging, zaftig-ly. Here it is at the Citizen M Hotel in Glasgow in a hallway of Eames Elephants.  This is one of those rare micentury modern pieces that has a sculptural quality to it (perhaps because it was inspired by a sculpture). And it works in any room, your living room, bedroom.  Here it's shown in a walk-in closet. Perhaps you'll want something comfortable and chic to lounge in for the new year?  You're in luck, I've got gorgeous replicas of the Eames La Chaise in stock (duh!). My high-quality replicas are composed of a molded fiberglass shell on a solid hardwood base with stainless steel frame. The replica Eames La Chaise retails for only $1,389 (compare to $9475).