Modern Classics: The Papa Bear Chair

Hans Wegner's The Papa Bear Chair is the ultimate in luxury lounge seating. Formerly known as the Teddy Bear Chair, Hans Wegner designed this chair for AP Furniture in 1951.  Said to evoke the animal kingdom with its playful and organic aesthetics, the Papa Bear Chair is perfect for lounging in, napping in, relaxing in.  I practically gives you a bear hug (the friendly kind) from behind. What's really great about this chair is its stylistic dexterity.  It's lines are Danish Modern: sleek, long and organic.  But it's design is classic.  Another reason everyone loves this chair is that's beautiful from all angles, as Wegner designed it to be. "A chair is to have no backside. It should be beautiful from all sides and angles." As I've said before, the Papa Bear Chair is suited for even the most luxe/traditional of settings.  That's the case in this traditional grand library with columnal pillars and glossy herringbone wood floors. In this luxurious living room with a decorative boat-shaped chandelier, bone-inlaid Moroccan stool and a teal leather Moroccan pouf, a Papa Bear Chair upholstered in orange velvet only adds to the luxe setting, doesn't it? And here's a pair in white, flanking a mid-century modern table in David Kleinberg's classic Long Island home. Well, we've finally got replicas of the Papa Bear Chair in. Upholstered in gray cashmere/wool on a hardwood frame, you're not going to find this quality replica for this price, $1,599, anywhere.  So get one today, and enjoy all the friendly Papa Bear Chair hugs you want! Happy Monday!